You Are Phenomenal

What better way to encourage girls to celebrate their greatness than to inspire them with stories from other girls and women who changed the world? Dr. Angela Nicole Parker, an author, trainer and consultant who educates youth around self-empowerment and healthy relationships, uplifts readers in her new book “You Are Phenomenal: Affirmations, Quotes And Notes For Young Women Who Want To Change The World."

Former first lady Michelle Obama, painter Frida Kahlo, poet Maya Angelou, Comedienne and talk show host Ellen DeGeneres, activist Malala Yousafzai, senator Tammy Duckworth, author Iyanla Vanzant, entertainer Lizzo, actress and advocate Meghan Markle, and abolitionist Harriet Tubman are profiled in this compelling, self-help book that is also filled with quotes from other trailblazing women.

“You Are Phenomenal”  strives to empower young girls to follow their dreams and reach their goals, all while staying true to themselves.


Keeping Score

Logan Chase is on top of the world as the star soccer player at his elite British prep school: but when a nasty fight with one of his classmates leads to his mom sending him to live with the father he barely knows in Los Angeles, California, he finds himself a stranger in a strange land. Now, he is back on the bottom of the social hierarchy, something he is constantly reminded of when he tries to gain the affections of Destiny Hart --- the most popular girl in school. Determined to prove to her that he can be cool, he joins the school's soccer team, which for years has been nothing but a joke. As he navigates his new friends and enemies, his relationship with his dad, and his growing feeling for Destiny, he'll soon find that when it comes tallying his wins and loses, he will find it hard keeping score.

The Yellow Pages

When Peri Richardson gets stuck running her father's tabloid, "The Gotham Muse," affectionately called "The Yellow Pages," she tries to make the most of it until she can find a way to dump the rag and continue her legitimate writing career. Her plan is turned upside down, however, when her childhood acquaintance Thomas Kaine is found next to the body of his girlfriend Camille Faber.

Camille's death is similar to Peri's mother's suicide nearly two decades before, too similar, and soon Peri and "The Yellow Pages" are on a quest to prove her long held belief that her mother's death was no suicide. Her investigation pulls her back into the world of the wealthy Kaine family, who her mother worked for, and reunites her with the handsome Alexander Kaine who broke her heart. The Kaines are members of The Kindred, a powerful religious organization with a mysterious agenda, and as she begins to try and make connections between her mother's and Camille's deaths, The Kaines and The Kindred, she finds herself in the middle of a vast conspiracy that may claim her as its latest victim.

Under the Hill

Is 30 really the new 20? Can single thirty-somethings really be expected to define themselves at an age when they are supposed “to be settled?” It’s enough to drive a diva stark raving mad!

A collection of Angela Nicole Parker’s columns by the same name, "Under the Hill" takes a satirical look at all the expectations, misconceptions and just plain stupidity that women in their thirties deal with, all while playing tag with the most feared monster of them all --- Spinsterella

The  Specter of War

After two dikas of peace, the galaxy now finds itself on the brink of war. The newly crowned queen of the Maraudan Empire, Mursela Mornall, is determined to return her realm to its glory by destroying The Republic she despises. As her desire for war begins to divide her people, Senator Abrecus Judi, and his daughter, Dena, find themselves on the forefront of the debate, and on a collision course with The Queen that will change their lives forever.

In the United Republic of Planets, Cadets Akeen and Connor Star have enough problems living up to their legendary heritage, and balancing their complicated relationship with Kayla Dylan, without being thrust into a war they do not want. Meanwhile, light yarnz away, Republic Major Van Dylan is confronted with his own fears and prejudices while on a peace mission in Maraudan space. For Republic First Viceroy Parnell Star, the great hero of the last war, the threat of war could not come at a worse time. Now, he must find a way to keep the increasingly fragile Republic united, as young and old, human and non human alike, band together to beat back the specter of war...


What if everything that you ever believed in was a lie? What if you had just one chance to change everything around?

Madison Baldwin is having a bad year. Her fiancé, the commitment phobic Spencer Newman, is getting cold feet. Her divorced parents can't seem to stop fighting or making out. To make matters worse, her "perfect" half-sister Jacqueline has flown all the way from across the pond to make her feel even more inadequate. The only bright spot in her life is Craig Barnett, her life-long friend and champion, whose cool demeanor and playful sarcasm is masking a secret that will change Maddie's life forever...

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