When Peri Richardson gets stuck running her father's tabloid, "The Gotham Muse," affectionately called "The Yellow Pages," she tries to make the most of it until she can find a way to dump the rag and continue her legitimate writing career. Her plan is turned upside down, however, when her childhood acquaintance Thomas Kaine is found next to the body of his girlfriend Camille Faber.

Camille's death is similar to Peri's mother's suicide nearly two decades before, too similar, and soon Peri and "The Yellow Pages" are on a quest to prove her long held belief that her mother's death was no suicide. Her investigation pulls her back into the world of the wealthy Kaine family, who her mother worked for, and reunites her with the handsome Alexander Kaine who broke her heart. The Kaines are members of The Kindred, a powerful religious organization with a mysterious agenda, and as she begins to try and make connections between her mother's and Camille's deaths, The Kaines and The Kindred, she finds herself in the middle of a vast conspiracy that may claim her as its latest victim.

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