"Nia Ever After" asks, "Do People Really Get the Ending They Deserve?"

When Princess Nia of Makabe has her famed red-gold locks stolen on the eve of her wedding to the handsome Lord Zaire, she quickly finds her once charmed life falling apart around her.

Desperate to win back all that she has lost, the now bald princess undergoes a perilous journey to get her hair and her life back.

With her oldest friend Kielle at her side, she finds unexpected help from Cleo, a good natured fey who wants to be her Fairy Godfather, and butts heads with the run-a-way Prince Arthur Charming, whose family’s secrets threaten to destroy the hard won peace of the entire twelve kingdoms...

Logan Chase is on top of the world as the star soccer player at his elite British prep school: but when a nasty fight with one of his classmates leads to his mom sending him to live with the father he barely knows in Los Angeles, California, he finds himself a stranger in a strange land. Now, he is back on the bottom of the social hierarchy, something he is constantly reminded of when he tries to gain the affections of Destiny Hart --- the most popular girl in school.


Determined to prove to her that he can be cool, he joins the school's soccer team, which for years has been nothing but a joke. As he navigates his new friends and enemies, his relationship with his dad, and his growing feeling for Destiny, he'll soon find that when it comes tallying his wins and loses, he will find it hard keeping score.

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